"My Footprint Calculator" is a web site and mobile app that calculates the environmental impact produced by the user's everyday activities, puts it into perspective, and gives tips on how to reduce each person's impact. "My Footprint Calculator" is the result of the enhancement and redesign of the old "Personal Environmental Impact Calculator" hosted at http://www.energy.wisc.edu/eic/. The team of Virginia Commonwealth University Computer Science undergraduate students developing "My Footprint Calculator" during the 2012-2013 academic year was integrated by Jeff Chow, Trevor Lafalce, Kurtis Orr, Thomas Tomlin and Jeff Honnold. Will Haas, a graduate student in Environmental Sciences, upgraded at the same time all the environmental sciences algorithms used by the calculator. The original "Personal Environmental Impact Calculator" was created in 1996 as a class project by a team of University of Wisconsin - Madison graduate students. These students were Sama Bilbao y Leon, Chris Dyson, Stephania Hagemann, Ben Paulos and Mike Rupiper. UW-Madison graduate student Huey Gardner added functionality to the energy calculator in 2006.