While plentiful in some areas, water usage varies dramatically globally. From cleaning and cooking to industrial purposes, water is essential to sustaining life beyond anthropological utility. Water usage goes largely unnoticed until it becomes scarce, complete the following survey to track and compare your water footprint:

1. How many baths a week do you take?

2. How many showers a week do you take?

3. How long does your typical shower last?

4. What type of toilet does your place of residence use?

5. Do you take any measures to reduce the amount of water your toilet uses (such as putting a brick in the tank)?

6. What type of clothes washing machine does your place of residence have?

7. How do you wash dishes?

8. If you use a dishwasher, what is the typical load size?

9. Do you have a swimming pool?

10. Do you water your lawn?

11. If you water your lawn, how large is the area being watered?

12. Where do you get your water?